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Aesthetic Procedures


Here at new image we offer a range of advanced aesthetic treatments. We are continuing to update our skills providing the best service possible to our clients. 


Jordan is our practitioner here at New Image and she has had extensive training to be an advanced therapist. Jordan has a level 7 post graduate degree in advanced filler, Specialising in Lip augmentation Jordan will give you her professional opinion on what she would advise when it comes to lip filler if you are worried or unsure.


Clients presume lip fillers are for the 'younger generation', ladies/gents that want to look like kylie jenner or who want big 'duck' lips... this is not the case at all. As we get older the skin will naturally lose collogen which is why the face will start to wrinkle producing lines. Also gums receed with age causing the lips to turn inwards this will make the lips seem thinner. Filler can improve this giving you volume thats reduced with age. 


By plumping the lips, lines around the mouth bocome less apparent giving a more youthful appearence. Also filler is used to reduce naso labial folds / nose to mouth lines, and even smokers lines above the lips. 


New Image pride ourselves with our 5 star customer rating and reviews (see testimonials). Client comfort and satisfaction is very important to us we give professional advice when it comes to these procedures as it is to do with the face so realisic expectations and full consultations are held to work out what filler and how much will be needed as every client is different. 


New image are fully qualified level 7 advanced aesthetic practitioner. We are fully insured  by a reputable company and buy our products through a pharmacy ensuring only FDA approved products are used. 


  • Lip Augmentation/ Lip Fillers

  • Nasolabial Folds/ Nose to Mouth Lines

  • Smile Lines

  • Smokers lines

  • Furrow Lines/ 11 Lines / Eyebrow lines

  • Rhinoplasty (non surgical nose job) Filler

  • Cheek Filler (contour & define)

  • Meso Therapy Technique (fine lines and wrinkles)

If your interested in dermal fillers, how they work and after care information click the button below. 

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